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I am Dee Christie


​I am passionate about my life, and all who are in it. I love art, I teach art, and I create art. I am a high school art teacher, and recently had a studio built in my back yard. My life is infused with art, fun, and too much dog hair! If you see something you like, or you would like me to create a custom piece, contact me! 

What I do? 

I take old books that are being discarded into the landfills, and bring that back to have a second life as my art journals. 

Sometimes being inspired by what's on the page, sometimes not. I use these pages to create new, often motivating, or encouraging creations. 

I then make prints of the originals, so the actual books stay in tact. This has become my passion and motivation as I continue my journey as artist, art educator, and huge animal lover. 

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